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Wonder when FSBM will submit for uplift PN17? Epicon submitted 15 days after QR out. FSBM already 20 days after QR
1 month · translate
better delist fast. don't waste time
3 months · translate
why down? cannot out PN17 as anticipated with 2 QR?
3 months · translate
sorry excess is 19.6m instead
4 months · translate
Major shareholder took up 21m excess. Hope can give confident to retail investors
4 months · translate
issued share 60m. Top 30 holds ~70%. Low liquidity.
4 months · translate
next year will have new Agong?
5 months · translate
conman, deal extended til end Dec created more uncertainty. price gg
6 months · translate
LTAT think is conman. Only said possible offer. Think wanna help KLK to cash out with minimal or no loss
6 months · translate
both reso went thru but not 100%
6 months · translate
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