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CC Cheng

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Joined Mar 2019


hi Tze, may I know how to calculate??I'm still new for warrant...
3 months · translate
Okay giround, then 我看他有exercise value那一些的,还有exercise date, 那要怎样操作呢?
4 months · translate
没买过warrant, haha...
4 months · translate
Warrant how to play? Lol
4 months · translate
Alright, thanks for the explanation kok:)
4 months · translate
Let say I have 2000 unit, after exdate, how many units I'll have? & warrants?
4 months · translate
Less inventories=stock on hand become lesser (due to higher demand)

Its consider a good sign??
7 months · translate
Result out already?
10 months · translate
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