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question is how long can some people keep buying back to support price? all fund managers throw like no tomorrow, even if you buy low, if no big players buy, price cannot climb so high. at most breakeven later, very big chance it may not go back to original price. unless EY findings +ve, you might be enjoying condo view later
11 hours · translate
sold all previously at 7.++, now waiting to enter again when it hits nearer to 6.70
16 hours · translate
look at profile, created June 2021. Uncle Kee then so quiet surely lay low busy create new profile la.. only appear during full moon .. like recent Bak Chang event, create buzz to keep tread alive la.. correct or not ?
1 day · translate
like in Maybank, Emma pix but name no longer Emma but Fortune Cat
1 day · translate
PC KLSE Screener not so obvious.. Mobile phone still show la :-)
1 day · translate
uncle Kee, I saw the Genting Logo suddenly replace your face so I know la.. Also Fortune Cat face was using formerly Emma Pix
1 day · translate
btw, like Fortune Cat, Uncle Kee's previous posts still show your old photo.
1 day · translate
haha Uncle change Pix to Genting .. sure not copy right infringement?
1 day · translate
just wondering why you think John Li is spreading fake news? He already sold off his stakes right? nothing to gain?
3 days · translate
for those who just sold off and run, please share with the rest of us :-)
6 days · translate
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