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kedai ape lagi nk bukak lepas ni?
4 months · translate
yes that's right. basic svc failed. I don't think so they was improve if fundamental still own style
7 months · translate
abg besar DRB hicom payung rugi tiap quarter no hal ma.. haha mkn gaji buta
7 months · translate
syarikat n pesaing lain up to date business development. Arrogant people especially top mgt. Giving new idea, but they will ignore it. hahaha
7 months · translate
new idea to generate income still same. at same time shame and arrogant to set up e commerce platform like Lazada, shopee. "ketinggalan Zaman". 90 era you is monopoly company.hahahaa
8 months · translate
agreed ?% . MAS 2.0
8 months · translate
better find others counters. tk de cahaya dihujung terowong.
9 months · translate
hopefully. but BOD must be changes. not inc family n cronisme business. end the end staff will be the part of victim's
10 months · translate
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