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Walao, luckily didn't buy in during 1.02 few days ago. Make such good profit didn't give dividend and channel to expansion that can be agreed. But what the hack is pp for. Where the profit in the account?
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Just my thought, they should clarify kmpg statement rather than appoint new 1 to validate the report. 2 scenarios will happen 1) EY said KMPG statements is not valid - kmpg sure will fight back as it doubt on thier expertise and affected reputation. Court case maybe?? 2) Finding are valid - Serbak will suspend? From both scenarios also not on Serbak benefit
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What happened? Not suppose to be uptrend meh. Good report and coal price
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卖了655, 赚了周末kopi钱。在等第二季。有没有session 2. Story to be continues.. Stay tune
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今天买大 100lots, 0.625. 看看有鸡饭钱吗。你们继续,都到第几集了。
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What happened?
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Lai 50sen 我等你
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True, bullshit. If the shipment problem why the revenue still maintained? Selling price higher with low profit margin? But materials cost apply to all the packing company with not much difference. Why others making big profit during MCO period due to surge of packing usage.
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Lai.. 2.45..earn chicken rice money
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