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Today up another 2 to 4sen will do. By Friday can hit 2.60
1 hour · translate
PM announcement ma.. But nothing special. Hope tmr can rebound some
13 hours · translate
Walao.. So heng ah.. Today buy, today got new contract. Tmr 1.75 lah
13 hours · translate
Value should be around 2.90. Under value compare with scientx current price.
18 hours · translate
Support 200lots at 1.62. Play between 10sen gap
19 hours · translate
Load in 300lots at 0.60. Aim announcement on good news.
19 hours · translate
At least RM2. 90 the 料。bought in 50lots 2.49.
23 hours · translate
Load in 300lots at 285. I believe better than LKL in term of revenue, profit. Market capital only 137mil vs LKL 437mil is way too huge gap between.
4 days · translate
JP release good outlook on Apple stock or electronic sector and cut projection on glove
5 days · translate
Great uptrend already. Continue to tmr for another 4sen will do
5 days · translate
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