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Joined May 2019


Trend wise... Gone case
7 hours · translate
Thanks.. Just saw the announcement
8 hours · translate
Come slowly climb back to peak
10 hours · translate
Any 1 know what is the buy up price for the warrant?
11 hours · translate
Oklah.. 跟大队。 Cancel the sell que. Look like alot also doing that. From 9k to 5k que sell once I cancel my sell que.. Emm something fish fish... Cat come?
11 hours · translate
Cancel at 1.11? I just que sell wow
12 hours · translate
Walao, u got calculate or not. 1 for 65 need 21mil share will do. Now holding 60mil leh. Means 50+ mil $$ for?? Stablize share price...
22 hours · translate
1.42 to 1.45 for 3.4m share... Crazy push up. Got bullet for plant transformation or not
1 day · translate
Sold 2.13, continue rally 2.2x.... Waiting to drop, yes I did drop till 2.13 but didn't get.
1 day · translate
Walao... Another hit and run counter
1 day · translate
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