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Director keep disposing. Should be bad
1 week · translate
Still no announce.. Most probably is bad qr
3 weeks · translate
Ytd briefing have question about whether profit can be double or not in next financial year. The way he answer is not possible and only confident with double digit growth. Which mean the pe still will stay around 60 to 80. Still over value over the next year.
4 weeks · translate
我也是60% paper lost 20k..
2 months · translate
请问free warrant 会和bonus issue 一样股价也会扣?如何算呢
3 months · translate
Is almost the same if you read the latest qr.. Ntg special
3 months · translate
Anyone attending agm? Can share the info here ltr?
4 months · translate
With this higher pe given, this report doesn't deserve with this share price
4 months · translate
Consider good?
4 months · translate
Any news? Where u see
4 months · translate
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