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Janson Lee

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Joined Jun 2019


Boleh naik ke?
1 day · translate
How high can it fly?
1 day · translate
Going up is always better than down
1 day · translate
Hope for market to be bullish this week. It will help push up the price
1 day · translate
What's skpress target price?
1 day · translate
Since it limit down earlier, will it go limit up now ?
2 days · translate
Let's see it hit 25c first
2 days · translate
Don't think 30c is possible today, doesn't look bullish. Maybe next week of it can maintain over 20c, imho
3 days · translate
Hopefully it doesn't drop below 20c tmrw
4 days · translate
Wow impressive. This company starting to make money
5 days · translate
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