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bodo stock can go tong sampah. sakai 40sen nobody want.
5 months · translate
sp setia today 0.90sen from 0.50sen
uem 0.20 sen today 0.60sen
teladan 0.50 sen nak rm1.20
cb i buy not uem. same price. stuck here forever
9 months · translate
no hope. mark my word. wont pass 30sen till next year
9 months · translate
teladan , sp setia mkland everyone fly alrdy. this cb no cb to fly. stay here. stuck at 70 floor
9 months · translate
buto pukimak bursa.. scam duit orang gitu je.. conso , right issue.. repeat. fcxx
9 months · translate
i sold 50,000 rm swift haulage buy this p1g sh1t now all money gone 37. fxx la
10 months · translate
no energy also.. fake hope
10 months · translate
no need to becareful from 0.09 to 0.30 take proffit and bye2
10 months · translate
go up la.. everytime i say dont happen. when say go down.. sure happen . haiyaaa i gila
10 months · translate
f ur mother scam ba5tard
11 months · translate
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