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300 vs 300 is market maker quotes. They are there to provide liquidity so investor can buy and sell
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Go to downloads, and select Daily NAV & Creation/ Redemption Basket.. There are 70+ companies in there like Alibaba, Tencent, Meituan, JD, Pinduoduo, etc
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can either check their website to download the list of stocks they hold or can refer to bursa announcement daily - NAV...
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I have a suggestion for you. You can explore buying the GoldETF via wahed invest, a shariah-compliant robo-advisor in M'sia. They have a gold portfolio that invest into this GoldETF and you don't have to pay brokerage fee but have to pay wahed annual management fee. Can check them out...
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This is ETF. it's a fund like unit trust that invest in china companies..
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This is not structured warrant. This is inverse ETF. If the index drop 1% in a day, the ETF will go up 1% in price.

Although they also track futures contract, but they don't have expiry like warrants and there is no leveraged exposure like warrants.

Read more from the website: www.tradeplus.com.my
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this is leveraged ETF. if index goes up 1% in a day, the ETF will go up 2%. The Index is called NYSE FANG+ Index. Got 10 stocks in the index which is facebook, Amazon, Aaple, Netflix, Google, Tesla, Nvidia, Alibaba, Baidu, and Twitter.

Go read more from the website: www.tradeplus.com.my
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Thanks! I've more upcoming seminar. Get yourself registered on our mailing list and follow our facebook. You'll get our latest updates.
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This ETF is new. They don't start paying dividend in the first year
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This is not paper gold. The ETF actually invests into physical gold. You can read more from their website www.tradeplus.com.my
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