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Awa Jam

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or they collecting the fund 2 sponsor their many project which they cannot swallow.
1 hour · translate
your comment is written in mestron, if the price is high now, yu r' advicing 2 buy at 0.05.
6 hours · translate
Global economy coz trader 2 panic n' sell ,it's a gd company 2 buy n' hold, d'nt missed the plane.
7 hours · translate
Good entry, buy 2 hold tight.
8 hours · translate
Good entry, buy n' hold.
8 hours · translate
focus more on the world economy rather than the qr , it's the reason trader b'come panic 2 sell.
8 hours · translate
Buy to hold , qr is nothing to look at, gloomy world economy is the focus ,bad to worst.
9 hours · translate
D'nt analize ,let it play on it's own.
18 hours · translate
Really diabetes counter.
18 hours · translate
push all the way down, than they buy back, cheap.
1 day · translate
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