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风云,you are right. Have been observed this counter for long time, always the same tactic. However, Bursa got lot of risk taker who want to try their luck.
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今天Sarawak Day, Sarawak 公司飞吧。
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Sarawak enter phase 2 of recovery starting 14 Jul
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KPMG careless in 1MDB audit and get sue. So when audit SD, they are more prudence to avoid mistakes again.
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Malaysia collapse because of a group of stupid politicians
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Qtr result not bad
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我也是这样想。关不关对GENM 没什么影响,反正都没顾客。关了可能还好,可以减少一些成开销。
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See how many hour show...
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Nam Lim, you are right. Each 4 unit of existing share will entitle 6 unit of RI share and 5 unit warrant.
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