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Investment is high risk, Buy or Sell is own opinion and find out good fundamental of company..

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Today, Dnonce close at 0.515 is not bad.. HaHa I will observe you next week.. HaHa
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PETALING JAYA: Housing developers will be allowed to operate under Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the national recovery plan effective immediately.
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I still believe D’nonce can grown their business with their twin engine and the boss also so intelligent to done their business.. you can look at their performance ..
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Hi, Silent , TCS came out PP that the purpose to get more capital to done their business.. because some customers didn’t payments followed the schedule date.. and addictive of pandemic .. If TCS can pass this situation, I believe that TCS can continue to growing with their 1.6 billions of projects.. and maybe They can get more and more projects in the future too.. ( it is my opinion only .. must think carefully before to investment.. thank you )
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Hi, finally I can’t see 0.58 to 0.62 .. but I saw the big investor came to collect many tickets from 0.53 to 0.55 .. Why they collect so many tickets? HaHa
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Yes, Lim, you are right.. HaHa
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Actually, I didn’t think about the new contract coming or not.. But you can observed their performance and why their director buy more share ???
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The time is not coming yet.. We just waiting it.. you can saw the director come to increase their tickets…
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Maybe I can see between 0.58 to 0.62 next week.. HaHa ( it is my opinion only)
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