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This fake Vincent Wong look like got mental problems. Sometime said AT buyer is so-hai, turn around promote AT again. He doesn’t realise that he call itself so-hai too, lol
8 hours · translate
We all know fake Vincent Wong no ball, always delete the comments
2 weeks · translate
No lah, I only see all ppl here resist AT, only 1 promoter here stuck for 4 years.
And who else fans here? Name it? You fake Vincent Wong everyday just act blind and fool, lol
3 weeks · translate
Today change account to promote? My promoter XD
3 weeks · translate
Good, good, nearly forgot I’m your boss, you are my promoter. Thanks to remind me Xp
3 weeks · translate
Hasli, we alll know lah. He no a first time to con ppl buy AT. I didn’t see Mak siew wei here, only see ‘fake Vincent Wong con here, hahaha
3 weeks · translate
Is you to promote ppl buy AT, not other. I only see you so hard promote here few years already, but price keep dropping. We all know you trap so many here, lol
3 weeks · translate
4 weeks · translate
We all know he come here to cheat people buy AT lah, hahaha
1 month · translate
Chart shows that you ready to cheat people !!!
1 month · translate
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