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director no cash onhand , only got paper shares...all are loan debts ....
9 hours · translate
this counter anytime tapau....don't be greedy
9 hours · translate
klci back 1700, tenaga can reboind back 30 percent
3 days · translate
epf still need money for icitra withdrawal
3 days · translate
no need worry, just keep getting dividend sure win....end of month another dividend announcement coming...this round sure good since got prihatin package
4 days · translate
this news mean kpmg got help companies to do fake account like ser
4 days · translate
habis, kpmg help ser to settle all the fake account
4 days · translate
epf holding price
6 days · translate
bad news maybe next month budget announce increase gamble tax
1 week · translate
nta high also no use since debts is higher than nta
1 week · translate
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