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yutaka tong

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vedi vidi vinci

Joined Oct 2019


slowly cutloss all hard earned money. better put into fd
6 hours · translate
0.66 sell lo still buy meh
15 hours · translate
big sharks push up to sell as much as possible b4 tumble. be alert. anyway won't expect price to go back high
1 day · translate
people going for fb and youtube advertising now. cheaper more efficient.
4 days · translate
just use short trade strategy to gain back the losses.
5 days · translate
most newbie play penny high risk counter won't survive long in the market. already see old batch disappear and new batch newbie came in. a cycle
5 days · translate
epf buysell small qty in these counter. not really interested to hold
5 days · translate
break one batch 2.12, one batch 2.00, one batch 1.80. sure win with capital backup.
5 days · translate
once most retailers out from the klse market. this counter will be another sleeping counter for many2 years until old. goreng need retailers power to push high. the klse volume already drop indicating retailers out from market
5 days · translate
feeling like privatisation
6 days · translate
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