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yutaka tong

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vedi vidi vinci

Joined Oct 2019


same situation happen in ytlpower last few months b4 esos.
1 hour · translate
employee will sell after esos.
1 hour · translate
no one can correctly predict the price will up or down even warren buffet cannot do it. warren buffet is long term value investing
9 hours · translate
there is no 100% right or wrong in stock trading only prediction.
10 hours · translate
maybank tp 2.08 , klci already drop below 1000 liao. all stocks tapau liao
15 hours · translate
no need wait just buy in now
16 hours · translate
as long genm can get withstand above 3.00 is still ok
16 hours · translate
skytropolis is the example of theme park effect.
17 hours · translate
short term trader are blinded by only short term capital gain. the actual profit is from dividend plus capital gain. if can get both, the profit can be double
19 hours · translate
my next year dividend will be double after add more last month.
19 hours · translate
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