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only for short term trading.....anytime suspended when reach pn17 dateline...better don't touch
1 hour · translate
pn17 cannot expect to hit 1.00 anymore.....
3 hours · translate
most tech companies pe is high....cannot compare with other industries
5 hours · translate
bat biz not depends on nta since only trading biz
5 hours · translate
vol down to 4 digit is the best time to collect
10 hours · translate
look for support price collect and keep for rebound.. simple as that....
10 hours · translate
vol slowing down ... monitor few more days to see price static before decide
19 hours · translate
it's normal ,people sell after bonus....long term no problem
Yesterday · translate
steady ..epf haven't finish selling...still high vol
Yesterday · translate
glove related counter trend already slow down
Yesterday · translate
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