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issuing share for merger noe
1 day · translate
pn17 only for short trade....don't hold
1 day · translate
director like to sell off his shares cash out ..be aware
2 days · translate
uncertainty related to government project is a risk....Zahid give project to dsonic...later new gov under moo will slaughter dsonic
1 week · translate
maxis will become second after Digi merger....it's still a good company...wait for good price
1 week · translate
insurance biz already at Max...cannot expect much on higher profit
1 week · translate
already privatised at a fix price ..no need see
1 week · translate
confirm bungkus....cannot buy .....sin tax
1 week · translate
sin tax not suitable for pass
1 week · translate
new gov can stop their contract anytime
1 week · translate
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