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Stanby buy now..aluminum break 5 years high..
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Aduh tutup rambut panjang sgt
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Setiap permulaan pemulihan ekonomi akan berlakunya inflasi bukan di malaysia sahaja semua negara terlibat.. CPI positif.. Down jones n nasdaq menunjukan kenaikan yang sihat.. Rebut peluang..
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open tracker data.. All most sharkk buy at 0.295 to 0.30sen today..shark still in here..
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Couse all trader wait for data CPI us anounce tonight..
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Yes is true.. Only trade for short team..if for long term better more invest at CENSOF sector tech software..
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U can see kfc n Mcd.. U look monitor pc to order made in cuscapi.. N u see paygateway made in MPAY.. I dont bisnes okey but stil declare loss every years..
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Dont woryy afternoon comfirm break 0.345..buy now
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FA not good.. But TA good n signal buys.. Teknical traders in malaysia.. Haha.. Culture in malysia boleh
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Today close very nice candle with volume..today no power couse issue Agong jumpa wakil parti.. Mybe tomolo open gap up continue limit up.. YGL CENSOF and CUSCAPI same sector.. But all most shark and trader be like this counter..
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