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hoseh laaa.
4 months · translate
buy more before announcement
8 months · translate
saje la bro. mmg mentioned in qr. supposed today to announce :))
8 months · translate
no dividen announcement :(
8 months · translate
4B. My point is before covid TNB price is about 12 to 16 whereas MBB about 7 to 8 (TNB is much higher than MBB all the while). But currently MBB is about 8.5, which is still above precovid price, and also higher than TNB. That's what I meant MBB is still on the high side! o0o
yutaka. ya, agreed
11 months · translate
mbb price is still on the high side if compared to tnb
11 months · translate
masuk hap seng plantation. high dividen
1 year · translate
dividen sustainably maintains at the highest for 2 consecutive years!
1 year · translate
suprisingly still can maintain 12c div
1 year · translate
Not doing well. Lowest profit since 2019
1 year · translate
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