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hi when is their new plant of 20m cans will be ready ya?
2 days · translate
36m shares traded at 10:30am? sure bo
Banker in to cook big tea rice ...?
2 weeks · translate
TEKUN MobilePreneur initiative expanded to include purchase or repairs of motorcycles up until RM10,000. Purchase of CKD motorcycles of 150cc and below are given excise duty exemption from April 1 to Dec 31, 2021.
Sales boost!?
4 weeks · translate
PBT of the Group for Q3-FYR 2021 soared by 45.3% to RM61.383 million versus Q3-FYR 2020. Subtracting
the gain on disposal of properties of RM6.940 million, PBT increased by 28.9% to RM54.443 million.
take out the 1 off gain, still record revenue and profit!
1 month · translate
"huge admin expenses due to impairment loss of RM4.95mil of butterfly farm..."
boss shld use own money to buy the farm and pay for the losses.
1 month · translate
when will know the DRP price?
2 months · translate
many buyers, no sellers at 10.00
6 months · translate
AEONCR launched eKYC solution, does it means customers can do everything online without going to physical counter? e.g. apply & get a loan
6 months · translate
Klang CMCO start this Friday,
factory shutdown?
6 months · translate
price push down b4 DRP, after that go up. what kind of tactic is this? to deter retail investor from subscribe to DRP?
8 months · translate
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