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many buyers, no sellers at 10.00
3 months · translate
AEONCR launched eKYC solution, does it means customers can do everything online without going to physical counter? e.g. apply & get a loan
3 months · translate
Klang CMCO start this Friday,
factory shutdown?
3 months · translate
price push down b4 DRP, after that go up. what kind of tactic is this? to deter retail investor from subscribe to DRP?
5 months · translate
what is the DRF price?
5 months · translate
AEONCR QR ended 29-Feb-2020
~ QoQ +26.40%, YoY -0.89%.
~ Div reduced a lot by 40%, from 22.35c to 14c :(
9 months · translate
the whole world down, but this remain steady ....
12 months · translate
market all panic bcoz of the virus, how come this stock can go up? ppl stay home and drink milk during virus outbreak?
1 year · translate
share price just above 1, why do bonus issue ya?
1 year · translate
RHB just downgraded Takaful target price from 8 to 5.30 ...!
apa ni, like kids play play like that
1 year · translate
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