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property is all about location, good locations? freehold land?
2 months · translate
dividend slashed so much :<
3 months · translate
給股息 非常吝嗇
3 months · translate
making higher profit; but declare lower dividend ...... why like that ?!
4 months · translate
" ..... out of the 4 applications submitted, MIDA has granted Uchi Optoelectronic (M) Sdn Bhd (“Uchi Opto”) (a wholly owned subsidiary of UTB) pioneer status for the activities of " Design, development and manufacture of configurable presence and distance sensing time-of-flight (CPDS-ToF) module" for a period of 5 years from the production date which will be fixed by the authorities at a later date. "

1 out of 4 products, means the other existing 3 products need to start paying tax ...?
4 months · translate
HPMT 51% sales from Europe.
Europe in trouble due to energy crisis, high inflation, recession. Euro currency plummet.
More downside coming ....?
8 months · translate
interest rate hike, property sales under more pressure. DRP price no discount to current price at 1.63.
might as well take the cash and look for better bargain? e.g. Maybank, also high div & will benefit from interest rate hike.
11 months · translate
Uchi pioneer status (tax exemption) expiry is end 2022, did Uchi apply for extension? what is the chance of getting it?
if NOT, what is the impact on profit & margin?
1 year · translate
Walmart has over 2,700 stores in Mexico, what will be the estimated sales revenue in Mexico?
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