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You're right... Wait 0.03 and collect
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Can 50c today?
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Tawin <> APTV = Kawan , 2mw 73c xD? ....
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Key insights from Dato Sri Ngu and Justin Wong on Ta Win Holdings Bhd (7097) at Rakuten Trade Ideas ? Webinar last nite.

-Cyprium Wires Technology is the key growth driver for Ta Win in the automotive cable wire, E&E Industries appliance wire, O&G segments
-current capacity utilization is approx 40-50% and is expected to reach 80-90% with new orders from major Japanese car makers and the global electric vehicle (EV)
-certicfication and patented electron beam technology wire cable for automobile and EV
-corporate excerise/fund raising via rights issue for the purchase of machineries and equipments for Cyprium Wires to achieve RM200m revenue by FY2022

Ta Win Holdings Bhd(7097)的Dato Sri Ngu 和Justin Wong在Rakuten Trade Ideas?网络研讨会上的重要见解:

-Cyprium Wires Technology是Ta Win在汽车电缆线,E&E Industries电器线,O&G领域的关键增长动力



-通过供股进行企业活动/集资,为Cyprium Wires购买机械和设备,以在2022财年实现RM200m的营业额。
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Wow... Closing 10 years lowest
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Bought 7c week ago, keep dingdong dingdong... Never go beyond 7c however deepeest until 55.
Ytd finally managed to sell at 7c. Yes, I willing to loss processing fees
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Most rubbish o&g counter ever... Brent crude oil drop, this counter the first one drop. Brent crude oil rise, this counter sleeping whole month
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我全副身家都在AT了 .....
之前和大家想的一样 , AT是老千股。所以fifo btst 见好就收
之后有进一步的研究,也有去chemor的厂实地考察 。。亲眼见到那些仪器 设备 材料 工厂和看到那些工人一直在 setup.

之后就敢敢hoot ...当别人恐惧我贪婪

今天我的loan批了 , 下个星期才 disburse ...想不到已近到20c的价位了 , 145楼 175楼 统统miss 了 =.="
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Akan terbang
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When others fear you greed....when other greed you sell
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