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want to sell better fast.. trending show that good profit then share price will continue drain off.. take care
11 hours · translate
is matter of time it will rebound.. graph will never just continue to show downtrend
1 day · translate
MoU with ADL and profit for solar project in Q3 are totally different thingy..

that project was solar EPCC in Manjung, bang.. aduh !!!
4 days · translate
to make it clear, pp doesn't mean the price will drop.. we as investors should analyze it ourself, why they want to have pp. will pp bring in good prospects to the company?

personally feel that OVH desperate need this mot because of they need cash.. but someone which able to bring them to next level.. like I mentioned before, impossible just everytime become sub-con or just supply manpower.. renevue will be stagnant..
4 days · translate
need approval then only can proceed.

which mean 30% holds by them.. lai lai.. petronas and MLNG project coming.. huat ahh
1 week · translate
waiting 400.. just stay tuned..

still believe Rosland sell of because of margin call?
1 week · translate
after all, time for oil related stock to grow.. I like it move it move it..
2 weeks · translate
jalil gonna shit out.. all those statement are just purely his own personal idea, doesn't represent BOD.. hohoho..

trade at your own risk.. anytime will drop below 0.2
2 weeks · translate
what so impress? sinovac already delisting from national vaccination program, more competitive for kangtai..

Why government drop sinovac, most likely due to variant viruses and less effective..

think twice.. gone case ! hailat !
2 weeks · translate
limit down.. sales drop since sinovac not in government vaccination programme.. hailat
2 weeks · translate
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