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Nick Jom

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Joined Nov 2019


What price will it be when company announce DIVERSIFICATION is successful?The saddest thing is a lot investor doesn't know the buy low sell high theory.
Only chase high when all the announcement is made.
That time the price is already sky rocket with triple or more than 200????
Is it worth to buy now or later. You interpret yourself. I see most of the people like to buy top 10 stock. Recent story is Londbisc.It trap many retailer investor to holland because the they rely purely on news : Foregi
1 week · translate
myscm WA and PA surely a good catch . low premium !
1 week · translate
get cny angpao soon. fasten seat belt
1 week · translate
someone is collecting heavily around 15c. Expect to shoot up soon like Dufu.
2 weeks · translate
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