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我cut 完全部了今天,不等了,看他会不会起
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hahaha is this profit qr just impairment loss ?
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director enter?
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Use 5 million to 100% fully purchase new subsi company under MOF and syariah compliance, it's also manage by Director who from Mycron steel berhad.
the company conduct business factory , financing, leasing and building recorded net loss 1 million and net liabilities 6 k.

the new subsi currently own 60.34 acres land at Pahang estimate valued 22 million and granted full development rights to the land and was approved for development into hotel resorts.

it seems a good deal for future earnings.
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will it second wave ?
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tomorrow still have 0.045 chances ?
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Taiwan and China export market very good on first half year result
Taiwan subsi soon recover and bring good to company result
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main revenue 90% from Thailand
Thailand start lock down since Saturday
Hope recover
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