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drop is good mah.opportunity to buy lor..the storm is over for this counter. now wait rainbow.
4 days · translate
yes..made some 2digit profit but not much. worth the bet.
1 week · translate
Hi Bumblebee. did you make money this time?
1 week · translate
Yang setia ngan Awantec ini la masa nyaeee
1 week · translate
haha..kalau buka cantik dan jalan why not..
1 week · translate
x surprise kalau limit up.
1 week · translate
opportunity coming.keep watching.tangkap bawah jual atas.
3 weeks · translate
lol I don't follow anyone especially dumbobee... I follow my trade rules. buy low sell high..if follow your advice we can never buy one. dumbobee is so silly n crying over everything everyday.
4 weeks · translate
lol.only you get conned .people buy low sell high.see opportunity la .unlike you shouting all time..I already run and made money today.wakakaka.open your eyes and spot opportunity la dumblepeee
4 weeks · translate
tq JSb for another quick run..
4 weeks · translate
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