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are you at pow price buy in?
5 days · translate
what's going to this company any one has info to share
1 week · translate
I hope so, if sell now really huge loss
1 week · translate
sorry is 0.095 yupe almost 2 years die hard
1 week · translate
I enter at 0.95 now is a huge loss
1 week · translate
what happen to this company something wrong with the management and director stupid or not calible or corruption or cob company oil up share price keep ok drop until non stop
3 weeks · translate
ya what to damn con company
1 month · translate
a con company so long time more than a year still sleeping did not move no matter the gold price how high. SC be invited to investigate this company director and shareholder who are at behind manipulate
1 month · translate
so SC must come in investigate director and shareholder
1 month · translate
I at high price enter cant cut loss just like this huge huge loss
1 month · translate
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