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破了52weeks记录 新低了,还抗跌?外面哪个股价会在52新低?
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auditor question 谁是supplier 和contractor. 他没question high receivable turn bad debt就没问题。上市5年中,serba 都是high receivable, credit term 90 days.

但是从来没有被bad debt 过。所以账目是没问题的,只是不知道不是给自己小圈子拿project 不公平而已。

既然kpgm 没有怀疑receivable turn bad debt 就是不是怀疑没有收到钱。而是怀疑谁给钱。不是影响fundamental, 是影响governence
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high receivable 从他上市就是这样。因为过度扩展跟现金流不健康。但是他从上市到现在,都是credit term 60-90 days, 而且没bad debt 过。

既然没bad debt ,auditor 也没question receivable turn bad debt就代表是赚钱的。auditor question 的是谁给钱和谁收钱。
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如果你们有出席星期六的特别大会,你会发现kpmg 很有问题
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please go listen to the 1hour SB special meeting on Saturday, all the question are answered so well even reporters suggested SB should take legal action again kpmg for the damages at SB corporate image.
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all the concerns are question about operations, they purposely to drag the time. only independent director raise to management, only management know kpmg is raising issue on audit. After answer the question, then kpmg play dissappear for 25 days till now still not appear

this is a very big damage to PLC as it could be delist if not meet release of annual report.

BTW The transactions mention by kpmg is actually 90% received alrdy. left 10%at receivable.

please go listen to the 1hour SB speci
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if you guys has listened to the serba dinamik special committee meeting on Saturday with the reporters. you know the kpmg is being so irresponsible at their duty. until now 25 days has passed and still no reply to their answer since 6th May. KPMG decided to annouce not sign the audit at last week of the deadline.

They raise the concern and ask independent directors instead of management at first place, independent director are not involve in day to day operations. all the concerns are question
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是的,钱在5月已经90+ % 收了。已经确定不是假账
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