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your lanjiao!
1 week · translate
PNB & kwsp as a big share holder, do they have a right to ask Serbadk a prove about the findings by KPMG?
1 week · translate
then your opinion is not a noise? haha
2 weeks · translate
the rumours came out yesterday afternoon. people respond already
3 weeks · translate
60mil per year revenue expected from marine cable .. that is huge.
1 month · translate
bull baru tumbuh tanduk
1 month · translate
marubuzo. new wave coming?
1 month · translate
haha..you buy higher and sell lower?
1 month · translate
the acquisition is confirmed long time ago.
1 month · translate
when you buy high, then you said the counter stupid. but there are lot of people who bought below 30 cents here, who said this counter is the best
2 months · translate
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