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Be patient. This year RM4
3 days · translate
Earn many rounds already while you are still waiting. lmao
1 week · translate
Where u hiding henry?
1 week · translate
Nevermind. I still hold swift
1 week · translate
Today goreng RM1.00?
1 week · translate
1 week · translate
Hahaha. Congrats!
Semalam sudah jual, untung 1.8k saja. Hari ini bagi orang lain untung.
2 weeks · translate
Hohoho.. Sold again.
Tysm ttv. Easy money.
Henry keep waiting.
2 weeks · translate
Pharmaceutical benefits from covid even now still they earning money. Expecting announcement on pn17 removal by bursa soon. But need to wait for qr first.
4 weeks · translate
Respect is to gain. If you don't respect others in the first place, why do you deserve my respect? So likewise. I have my short and long term invest. This ttv I've gained many times, but still Henry flaming me when I do short trade. Where is his respect? So you are also brainless when u go along with him. Rude to rude. That's how we treat rude ppl.
4 weeks · translate
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