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Johny Nightgale

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Joined Oct 2016


2 months · translate
Redtone + Umobile
5 months · translate
Hi, does ur homily shows operator come back already? Tq
6 months · translate
Only one disposing transactions each for mother and warrants, those are like how many % only?
Hahaha, hold tight, more news to come
6 months · translate
Management said this year QR will be weak, post QR entry will be more suitable
6 months · translate
The game is about to start.
6 months · translate
KRONO = AWS (Amazon) ?
7 months · translate
OCK = South East Asia China Tower? = 5G coming to MY?
7 months · translate
Goodluck for those who speculate on news.
Sources say jt will go back to 30 cents very soon.
8 months · translate
Cocoa manufacturing business
10 months · translate
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