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Johny Nightgale

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Joined Oct 2016


KRONO = AWS (Amazon) ?
1 month · translate
OCK = South East Asia China Tower? = 5G coming to MY?
1 month · translate
Goodluck for those who speculate on news.
Sources say jt will go back to 30 cents very soon.
2 months · translate
Cocoa manufacturing business
3 months · translate
Let’s wait and see how much downside analysts will revise the target price. Great jon for PBB analysts, as they are giving realistic estimation on the dwnside TP. Lets see how much more dwnside from other analysts. Good luck for investors who bought at RM3.00 , looks like RM2 is never a dream anymore!!! Buy Low Sell Lower!!
4 months · translate
Worried nxt qr will also affected by higher feed cost due to the currency. How’s ur view? Tq
4 months · translate
Annual report 一字不提关于theme-park delay. 做了诉讼才一次过对外坦白。Where’s accountability?
让我想起了SAPNRG突如其来的天量right issues. HAha
4 months · translate
4 months · translate
The big funds need more ppl like you to support their off loadings shares. Pls spread ur wise opinion to others as well. GL.
4 months · translate
Goodluck. See u at 2.5
4 months · translate
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