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For the dividend pay quarterly one, ceo mention will maintenance semi annually due to if pay quarterly will incur more cost not goo for company. Hahaha
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Those properties acquire from kwsp will completed in May 2024
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The qr release date will show in Sunreit IR there.
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16 May 2024
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I feel when SMC going ipo at good price, the medical central need inside SMC for increase the NTA. For sunreit maybe can see management plan in TC2027.
6 months · translate
The gain on disposal will not show too much in PL of qr, due to they had did fair value adjustment on the IP. Just curious when the purchase of gaint will complete.
7 months · translate
Personal opinion I feel this qr revenue will not so nice, due to aeon move out on end of July, disposal of medical centre on end of aug and 6 giant shopping haven't take in.
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16 November
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