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在这里,看到最sien的comment 是,"请问,还可以进吗.......还可以买吗?"

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he kena wash out only
2 weeks · translate
听maybank, rm1.68 才来问看看
2 weeks · translate
很多人从六块all in到现在
2 weeks · translate
haha yep i agree, whatever happening now is meant to benefit the top few. when idss resumes and retailers can short again, the sharks will swim to the opposite direction.
3 weeks · translate
haha I believe IDSS will only resume after gloves got no more room to be shorted, sharks dont allow small fishes like us to make money in their territory.
3 weeks · translate
bring back IDSS, let retailers short as well
3 weeks · translate
and china captures more market shares than expected
4 weeks · translate
asp still falling. not all bad news r out.
4 weeks · translate
guess this is the reality folks
4 weeks · translate
local pension fund is earning good interest from lending tix to the shorties.
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