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MBL just closed one of their 3 outlets wef 14.2.24. MBL Proauto is one of Proton’s worst performing dealers
2 months · translate
Hoot ah CNY angpow
2 months · translate
So what? Today ZERO shares traded
3 months · translate
Wait for the son to die then can
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@Ying Fern Khoo, you are still naive. Until you see the real “face” of Chua Heok Wee and Tan Khoon Hai. Go ask anyone who know them
5 months · translate
MBL akan mampus soon
7 months · translate
公司已经分成两派大股东,GBL 及主席一派,Astino及MG Furniture 亚 Mong 一派。每天你丢我我丢你股票。两派相斗,我们小股东死先
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Brian Ng Shih Chiow has to transferred all his mother shares and warrant to Dino Ng Shih Fang because Brian’s bank accounts were frozen by MACC. Dino’s was unfrozen last week
1 year · translate
Thunderstorms brewing over Mana Boleh Lari
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