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u first time trade izzit? all counter also got MM one for sure ..
talk like no talk ...lol
1 day · translate
u entry low sure can TP ...
even fly higher u also lose nothing ..lol
1 day · translate
no volume ke? lolo
1 day · translate
clearing off obstacles to take off anytime soon... u believe u sit tight...don't believe don't need to come here create havoc
1 day · translate
coming week, all going to fly .. kwsp acc 3 money flowing in stock market
3 days · translate
tunggu tunggu Dan tunggu
4 days · translate
already known .. accumulation this few days
4 days · translate
wow...from 1 white knight to become 2 white knight ..
so ini Kali lah ....lol
4 days · translate
nak keluar Dari PN17 ni ke?
4 days · translate
so happy today follow my bros sapu kaw kaw...lol
6 days · translate
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