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walao,much lower then my estimate..really killer
15 hours · translate
now thousands of bursa co. is aim to through PP or RI to sapu shareholders $$$,even no care will drop 80%(after drop deep deep he can collect bsck more share)
2 days · translate
haha 时间会告诉一切
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5 days · translate
this two day history low 0.135, 2moro most probably 0.130 and friday 0.125...and next week can get 0.115~0.120, so have to wait for durian runtuh price(below 0.120)
1 week · translate
three weeks ago low is 0.015(before consolidate),two weeks ago lower is0.110(0.01 cent), now goreng till 0.550 , and coming soon the right share 990 million may go down to even 0.02 again(then the 990mil share will change to few hundreds million cash, then later dump to below 0.05 big boss just spend 20% cash can sapu semua.)
2 weeks · translate
pemain memang suka tunggu sampai orang ramai turun padang dan masa hot mereka baru suka main
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