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Chow Wei

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Joined Feb 2020


Wish Everybody
Heng / Ong / Huat
Happy Investing
32 minutes · translate
ASTRO Sunset Story
KIMLUN Sunrise Soonest
1 hour · translate
Slogan Words
Lawan Tetap Lawan
2 hours · translate
Is OK RTS Project For Backup
From Johor Baru To Singapore
2 hours · translate
Awaiting For KIMLUN Dividend
RM33 Per 1000 Share After
Annual General Meeting (AGM)
2 hours · translate
Yutaka Tong

Same Genting Play Big / Small

Buy RM50 Big
Open Small / Loss Money
Then Buy RM100 Big Again
Open Small / Loss Money
Then Buy RM150 Big Again

This Formula Is My Own Method
Can Using In Good Counter Only
3 hours · translate

如果 KIMLUN 中标 RTS 的话
6 年工程 它 有可能 不飞吗 ?

3 hours · translate
今天 我卖掉 全部 KIMLUN
然后 再买回 110,000 Share
双倍 以前 55,000 Share 数量
3 hours · translate
Think Same Like Yours
Average Price At 1.993
1 day · translate
May I Know What Is
LCTITAN Target Price
2 days · translate
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