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Ah Choon Wong

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Multiple Strategy:
1. Fair (intrinsic) value search.
2. 52-week-low Strategy.

Joined Feb 2020


这才是科技股的龙头,P/E 还低着呢,其他的太高了. 风险大.个人意見,買賣自负.
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When you buy a house, you put money in, its stuck, when you put your FD in bank, it’s stuck, when you buy a stock, it’s stuck, then why so many ppl are doing, only those want to earn quick money without patience chasing high price stocks will finally stuck.
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Tadmax is a stock whereby it’s price is low relative to its intrinsic value, so it’s time to accumulate...........when price dips.
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They are many unexpected events which will happens in the stock market, using TA to play shares is highly risky, according to Random Walk Theory, TA is useless and done no good to your purchase of any stocks in this highly and volatile situation because of political uncertainty, the best defence is to buy value at price low (30-50)% of intrinsic value.
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When things are most bearish, it’s time to buy, when things are most bullish, it’s time to sell, just like gloves stocks, so bullish that everyone rush in, now many kena trap at high price especially those small investors buying call warrants. A few banks are doing well at the moment, when you buy in now because of bearishness, your risk is very low, but once the bullish trend is on, your rewards will very high. Two cents opinion.
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Tadmax 的股东们,JKG land 业绩不错,相信Tadmax 下个月会更好,因为迟一个月出业绩,Tadmax 及JKG land 都是中价condominiums.
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Results not bad, keep it up.....................
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Thanks TP Loo........................
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