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3 5 7 years to wait 0% cases a?
I think we all die looooo
Die until no anak
No cucu d..
Gila one
5 days · translate
This covid.. Not that easy to settle..
First time mco we very scared
Actually this 3rd time mco must be super scary, caused we cannot handle situation that is why can have 3rd mco
5 days · translate
Yah.. U alright, run
I CL d
5 days · translate
I will hold
I trust can shine
1 week · translate
Stand @210
What should I do
1 week · translate
Sebab 1 comment 0.120
Jadi takut.. 0.150 lepas dah..
Eeeee sial
2 weeks · translate
Me too.. Park at 0.180
But some I sold at 0.150
When it touched down 0.145 just now
2 weeks · translate
Ofcourse lah..
Now sell pun rugi lah..

Lagi ingat beli and earn a?
Saaaaaaa de... (gila one)
2 weeks · translate
Or u will be William thong next generation

Hold 4-5 years

?Same like jadi pm
2 weeks · translate
Wuah... 0.440
Not to greedy a? Hahaha
2 weeks · translate
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