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what happen to mr eg position in silterra after dnex took over the company?..if he is still board member then be prepare for the upcoming big projects
44 minutes · translate
after the take over by dnex, does silterra still has mr eg kah yee among its board members?
1 day · translate
no big problem? it is 10m..maybe half of its profit
2 days · translate
oh sure..but i just want to know, this esos it good for the price?
3 days · translate
which one is the esos guy?
3 days · translate
this esos..can the employees sell their option to the public?
4 days · translate
can i ask you when will be the turn for keyasic?
5 days · translate
bailey are you a guy from future? how did you know that?
5 days · translate
xdok pitih dok tunggu kekgi naik le dia
5 days · translate
done tambah lagi unit at 0.125...hold total 800000 units now average price 0.102.. target price 0.195 ..sbb mungkin akan bounce down sekitar sebelum 0.20 nanti
5 days · translate
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