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consolidate tu gabung share.....1:10 maksudnya 10 units gabung jadi satu...harga 0.01 tiba2 jadi 0.10
19 hours · translate
pn17??? ermmmm...
21 hours · translate
tengok nanti july punya qr..kat situ bleh nmpak
1 day · translate
then you guys should be the new syndicate..i am waiting
2 days · translate
this counter has a chance to go up if all people work together by buying it and keep continue buying it to the up.. i am waiting for you guys...
2 days · translate
ada berita ke nk consolidate?
2 days · translate
two answers i think it could be, first it is because everyone has thought the price is very cheap then they think it is the time to buy.. secondly it probably because of stock manipulation...someone is doing fake transaction by buying and purchasing at the same time using different accounts
3 days · translate
ntah2 pn17 pun berpotensi hehehe
3 days · translate
today divident ex date..that's why it is dropping
1 week · translate
other than the recent increase of semiconductor price and demand? nope nothing is special...just hope that will bring more profit to keyasic ...
1 week · translate
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