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Hopefully today can break new high again…
4 days · translate
I follow d&o from 2++ and this few days seein ppl hold their ticket tight in hand … lastime volume trade ticket much now lesser and u can see genetec and mpi ticket vry little only.. up fast down fast … need sit tight
6 days · translate
Ticket getting lesser now … can hit 6 today … let see
6 days · translate
Serbadk wall at 0.805 vry strong
3 months · translate
I agree with irwan... airasia with bad debt ... every quarter loss .. still standing strong ... serbadk put in freezer first ;)
3 months · translate
No need limit up can stay 0.90 above vry steady ... sedikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit
3 months · translate
Same I buy 0.865 hehe yesterday also buy... will keep some ;)
3 months · translate
Boring day no cheap sale ;)
3 months · translate
Today scib and kpower steady as we can see something goin on ...
3 months · translate
Ting Yi means shark wanna lower some more around 0.60 maybe ;) today I add abit to hard to resist the price ...morning I buy at 0.795 seein Shark comin follow the flow
3 months · translate
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