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Be Patience.Stock Market is a platform transfer of money from non patience people to patience people

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Kenapa bro tiba tiba junam teruk . Ingat bonus issue. Tapi bukan .
1 year · translate
Just closed my position in a loss. Regret of buying this counter although though it has good fundamentals.
2 years · translate
No eye to see the negative portfolio.Leaving at 2nd floor. Keep it for long term
2 years · translate
Looks like the downtrend not over yet. So far no huge volume to push the price
2 years · translate
no dividend declared for this quarter?
2 years · translate
@Affifuddin . Yes corect bro. I still glad to see u as a comfort supporters for quite long time .
2 years · translate
i thought this stock will give bonus issue but see see it gives bonus issue of warrent. Make millions of money but still want make money from the exercise of warrent in future .
2 years · translate
If the current Qr is not beyond our expectations means for sure continue to fall
2 years · translate
When qr for comfort will release?
2 years · translate
Why this stock fells so much despite it's earning. Isan't the major shareholder disposed so much.
2 years · translate
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