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Actually the contract award is not 600m, 600m is the construction cost, the contract awsrded is a 30year concession to supply power,
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Problem is to raise the full RM350millipn they cannot issue at so low, the minimum issuance price to get 350m now is 0.34
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@mkfood, the sole and only subscriber of reneuco’s RCB is a ventures capital fund based in singapore
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@kopi caramel, 还可以发债卷,不过现在价格已经低于bursa 批准的最低换票价格所以估计可能新加波哪里不会要拿债卷, 不过也有可能还在继续发只是等股价上了才换成股票
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Who is reneuco’s white knight
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@he tuan tan, there was a dbt on december 14th around 30m plus shares at 0.077, no announcement was made about this so looking at the selling figures i think it is this dbt that got force sell as the price went to 3.5. This 30m+ is mustakim’s shares n it is pledged, u can see thus amount in their AR 2022
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@wan wan, it was the same auditor from 2019 until today, so what do you think? They signed and audited 2019-2022 no problem suddenly now 2023 say is a problem
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@jason wong, the same auditors who gave the disclaimer now
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They cannot stay at this price forever as there is a maximum number of shares they can issue according to bursa approval, that is 1.1b base on a minimum conversion price of 0.30, now due to all d AL issued at 0.13-14 range the minimum conversion price has risen to 0.34 if they want to raise the full myr 350m of fund. Base on 20% discount it means the share ptice has to be around 0.43 for them to get 0.34. All of these are in the RCB announcement, they need the funding so share price has to go up
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Last big washing befoee the rally? Unlike reneuco style usually is red all d way but today last minute pump back 21
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