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depends on bumi, if using bimb account surely cannot buy, if using other broker, is up to them, some will tend to avoid or close the conventional stock selection while opening account.

for today morning event, its very likely dumped by some shariah fund manager. but market its supply demand thing, new buyers came after that
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effective from today , airport become non shariah , for at least 6 months
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errrh 这个不是开车,是开倒车
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把trader 洗完,再繼續開車。。
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三个月又过了,这轮业绩会如何? 上次业绩前價錢before ex dividend 是1。29

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Qr is coming this month, flying qr? Let's wait and see
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Holding 4.9% of sunview,
Sunview listing in 2 weeks time.
Upbeat of securing more renewable energy,

I see sun in my view.
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反而下个潜力蓝筹股gamuda,一直有资金流入,完全打败大盘今年表现,看来准备入top 30
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这股ipo 價錢 RM0.32。。。。
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teddy,不用担心bkt jalil pavilion,他目前还不是under pavreit。

目前是pavilion kl,pavilion elite(隔壁),intermark kl (kl double tree hotel),还有da men mall (唯一不理想的,但是占比率很小)
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