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Buy and keep for half year already. There is never ending low for this counter
15 hours · translate
价钱提早反映,下个星期也要出 QR
1 day · translate
Big volume throwing
5 days · translate
Okay Dato Seri.
1 week · translate
Better cut lost if too high floor. Everyday 12.15pm got large selling pressure, somemore directors no support the price.
1 week · translate
Coming down soon as OPEC increase production affect sentiment on Oil segment
2 weeks · translate
QR 要出了吗......
2 weeks · translate
no director to show support on these pricing. Somemore oil seems not stable for now. Probably see support 0.4
2 weeks · translate
True. When recovery theme came tech will probably down slightly
2 weeks · translate
Wait QR should be fine
2 weeks · translate
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