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Emotion control everything. Trade what you see on the chart. Not what you think, read and hear.GL

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This is what limkong and eyes cold did...
3 days · translate
That 1 is clone vincent... Press into his profile and see. Copy my name. I ask dont to invest in this counter since 0.12.he try to use my name to misinterprete and confuse people
3 days · translate
End of december? Why need to buy now? Are you making huge joke again? Slave of operator is doing thier job again and again
3 days · translate
Tp 0.5 pro master. Gogogo
4 days · translate
AT top volume eyes coldblim kong gogog. Top buying volume
6 days · translate
Now 0.055 up. U c after i comment that clone vincent will come out
6 days · translate
High volume high volume. Hahaha.
6 days · translate
Cheap cheap sales. 0.06.price discount. Eyes cold please promote at FB i3investor and here. Faster. Do your job. Ask people top up at fb. Top up and top up again since 0.09.what you waiting for
6 days · translate
AT fly. Congrats eyes cold lim kong.hahaha. Gogogo
6 days · translate
U love it more. U always miuse my name. God will punish you. Wait and see la eyes cold lkm kong tan sri777
1 week · translate
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