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What will be the opening price tomorrow? Wanna queue.
1 month · translate
Hi sorry but where can I see the news that qr is going to be released tomorrow?
3 months · translate
@janson lee yep everything is based on speculations and news now. One vaccine news everyone goes mad and you’ll see shares with negative 200 PE getting limit up. What an era we are living in. Don’t be surprised if kub closes red tomorrow as long weekend is ahead.
5 months · translate
Perhaps due to poor market sentiment, after all past three days it’s been closing red and there’s this ridiculous trend of share prices rising upon bad qr and dropping upon a good one. Shall open slightly higher tomorrow. 73 cents?
5 months · translate
Any good news? What’s the reason of the sudden hike? Imminent release of qr?
5 months · translate
@ye yang Loh bro all in?
6 months · translate
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