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4 weeks · translate
so fast Tan Sri Mahmud already disposed and ceased to be substantial shareholder. not a good sign
7 months · translate
Office REIT is less popular
8 months · translate
8 months · translate
What is the outcome?
8 months · translate
Continuing losses due to high raw material prices. the narrow loss is due to hedging gain instead of improved GP margin. Look like share price will go down again
10 months · translate
look at top 30 shareholders are all institutional Investors collectively 92% shares. too illiquid, this is not a goreng type of stocks, for long term and dividend only.
10 months · translate
Tesla 的电动车充电站给TNB带来利益
11 months · translate
Can't find any news, why the big drop?
1 year · translate
Maybank 是一只收息股,6%+稳定,我也是拿了十多年啊,从来没有后悔。
1 year · translate
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