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why profit reduce half?
35 minutes · translate
dont buy warrant. warrant is worthless. warrant expire in 5 months and premium so so high. very risky and at risk of become toilet paper
2 hours · translate
cat. why cimb lausai today
8 hours · translate
tan kuen misinterprete the company announcement. he thought director sold 8% of ecowld share. lols. if the director really sold 8% of the total shares, it will be a big big big news and u can see many news in social media or klsescreener
5 days · translate
yutaka, dont timr or predict the market. what i want him is to learn the basic knowledge aind intreprefation of stock market. at least can read and understand a simple company announcement ma.....
5 days · translate
haih.... u interpreted it wrongly again...... please attend harry teo class
5 days · translate
haih..... if u dontknow how to interprete the announcement, better just keep quiet and dont make urself ashame. wahahaba
5 days · translate
rm1 now. if this dinosaur block pecah then to the moon
6 days · translate

1 week · translate
nonono i think middle of this week
1 week · translate
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