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Blurx Lee: i have checked some of his comments..price of the counters he commented on barely had any movement worth praising also... and yet he wants people to think he's actually good. this AT doji and red bar only for the past 4 days. not sure he dug profit from where...
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mari liao... melewar monday fly. hehe
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nak masuk 46 sen, nasib x masuk. bungkus terus
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haha yep you don't have to tell everyone, but we're all strangers to each other. so, if you actually care to be a credible person on this platform, thats not the way to do it. peace
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appasia lapsap. dont need promote haha
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Mtronic too
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Have to be very careful of the bad sentiment. Operator spares no effort to trap us
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Wow kena ni
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yes very likely thats why today fly
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