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Any bad news why drop so much?
4 days · translate
Thanks Dylan yr advise. Thinking is ok to look it again since so many project in hand. It means their performance will keep decrease until when?
5 days · translate
Actually all tech counter more than over price except gtronic. I aso dun know why people stil keep say buy future
5 days · translate
Hi Marcus, i means based on current 3.25. how to get back the price b4 BI
6 days · translate
Anyone can share what is the price before BI before? I calculate not sure whether accurate
6 days · translate
If study carefully harta actually perform very well. Unless it much much better than precovid. GP margin stil remain above 20%
1 week · translate
This price range can start enter buy some alrd. If really go further can slowly accumulate. USD strengthen is benefit to all exporter
1 week · translate
Homeriz performance is superb. It means evergreen foresee come out a wonderful performance
2 weeks · translate
和氣生財。好好的discussion and info is benefit to all of us.
2 weeks · translate
This pricing alrd consider very attractive, now monitor closely collect and keep for kid education
2 weeks · translate
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