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malaysia Madani. serba dimanik and MBSB. next ekovest?
6 hours · translate
i will tranfer my money out from maybank upon received my salary. i just left 20 as min balance. no credit card and loan from this stupid head in my life
3 days · translate
韭菜就是香 hahahah
6 days · translate
silterra is old but still able to produce chips...haha....not as good as taiwan only
6 days · translate
semiconductor yes
energy yes
renewable energy yes
data center yes
no idea why this stock not being goreng
6 days · translate
6 days · translate
boss need money to pay loan interesr. no money to goreng share price
1 week · translate
they tend to pump faster then no power ady. 早洩
2 weeks · translate
trading in ekovest is easier. sell first and buy back lower when someone pump iy
2 weeks · translate
hahahahaha this comment makes my day
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