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EPF dump 1M+ on 20/Mar. No wonder drop so much on that day......
Yesterday · translate
Anyone know about Mexico plant status? Other receivable 175millions. Report never explained anything about this.......
2 weeks · translate
EPF 和Takaful 做同类生意?笑死人.....
3 weeks · translate
Epf 丢票? EPF持票已经来到12.7%.
4 weeks · translate
Can't understand, qtrly earning gg, share shut up 10%......beware of trap
4 weeks · translate
If price drop to Rm2.5, can consider.....
4 weeks · translate
This edgenta management keep sharing the company prospect and new projects, but Pat go another way round......
4 weeks · translate
Up 2 cents drop 20 cents....... Terrible
1 month · translate
What happens to this counter? EPF dump ?
1 month · translate
1 billion sales but Pat less than 3%.....If can improve profit margins by 2-3% will be good...
2 months · translate
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