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who go goreng this stock lolzzzzz doesn't make sense to goreng at all, no Volume
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most probable due to this:

but the reduction of polysilicon might not benefit Cypark (at this moment) since their largest Solar project is LSS3 and most of the material they already purchased.... i am monitoring Solarvest... waiting it to drop lower to enter ^^
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可是就是没钱进口袋 =P
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我本来Rm1 要average down, 哪知道突然PP news, 肯定影响情绪, 只好在等等lur ..看看它可以跌到多深,然后才买。还是那一句,只要project 有progress, 就不用怕各位!!
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自从covid, solar panel 成本已经起了蛮多的。 在PP report 里面也提到,The procurement of major equipment (LSS3) has also been “concluded” 。应该都是在covid时买的。 所以我相信LSS3的成本应该会比之前预算的还要高。毕竟LSS3的submission date @ Aug2019 (before covid). 可是重点还是那个21年的PPA啦,只要它顺利完成然后开始买电给TNB就huart了. BUT LSS2 就应该没有这个问题。之前bid到LSS4 的公司应该就头痛了.
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ohnoooo hahaha WTE testing how ar? got any updates from your friend?
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这样跌我都不敢接了。。。我在想是不是公司的高层ESOS 然后一直每一天卖一点。。公司的top Management有够烂!! 它们的WTE n LSS2 最好不要出现问题
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@star give u 1 like hahaha
the money that allocated for serbadk pp and Cypark pp is very different lolz. you all need to understand the nature of the business when building a solar farm. apart from EPCC, company is also financing the entire project...
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more information to share, I have summarized as follow:

1) Solar Industry Update (across the globe)

- Solar panels prices have risen 18% since the start of the year
- The increase in the cost of solar panels is due to the rise in the raw materials and freight charges due to Covid-19
- other reason is also in the United States, where President Joe Biden had unveiled a massive infrastructure stimulus investment into green energy projects such as solar power
- Higher prices may delay some large-scale projects in the United States to Canada, China and India

2) Key materials for producing Solar Panel and module

- Polysilicon is an essential material in solar photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing
- Other material such as copper, iron-ore and aluminum

3) Solar Project Cost break down

- Solar panels make up almost half (40%-60%) of the cost in starting up a solar power plant. The purchase of the solar modules are usually done nearer to the end of a project
- Other costs are engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning (EPCC)

4) With the increasing raw material cost, how can solar players reduce their overall project cost?

- By implementing engineering expertise which includes optimizing the solar plant design and using high-quality substitute materials which do not compromise on safety and performance
- and also with attractive Government tax incentives and lower Bank financing costs, this will help offset the overall project cost

5) Malaysia NEW RE target

- By 2025, the country has a target of achieving 31% RE (from the previous goal of 20%)
- To achieve the 31% goal, 1,178 MW of new RE capacities will be developed from 2021 onwards
- The additional capacities will consist of 1,098 MW of solar and 80MW of non-solar.

Reference (they don't allow me to share link):
- Making cents out of solar (article)
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